// Volt Choreography and Performance: Alvin Erasga Tolentino VOLT is woven in the spirit of love's ecstasy and epiphany. It is the electric charge of the body, a kinetic language that depicts and explores what it is that attracts and repels passionate desire, laying out love's raw, bloody and ever-essential motion and emotion. The dance [...]


// Sola The Trilogy (Birth, Abo and Sadhana) Length 65 minutes with intermission Birth Reflects the cycle of nature, a blissfully spirited dance composed of hauntingly unique slow, contained and fiery gestural movement design depicting the duality of life-simple but complex. CREATIVE TEAM & PERFORMERS CHOREOGRAPHY PERFORMANCE: Alvin Erasga Tolentino LITHING: James Proudfoot MUSIC: Patrick [...]


// SHIFTING GEOGRAPHY A Vancouver/Bonn project with Co.ERASGA and COCOONDANCE Shifting: The body in motion Geography: The reality of the body in space and location Shifting Geography, will see Artistic Director Alvin Erasga Tolentino partner with choreographer Rafaële Giovanola, Artistic Director of Bonn, Germany’s COCOONDANCE in a full length collaborative dance work. Referencing the body, [...]

She Said

// She Said Duration: 80 minutes She said links and blends together art images, music, text, video and dance. Performed by the city's most outstanding dancers, Delia Brett, Anne Cooper and Caroline Farquhar, the work depicts the full embodiment of women; their faith, hope, imagination, innocence and strength. she said demonstrates Tolentino's skill for multi-media [...]

Shadow Machine

// Shadow Machine Length 60 Minutes Shadow Machine is a multi-media performance created in celebration Co.ERASGA’s 10th anniversary. Featuring choreographic ensemble work by Alvin Erasga Tolentino in collaboration with acclaimed Vancouver media artists Carol Sawyer, Peter Courtemanche, and Winnipeg’s Ken Gregory. Shadow Machine pays homage to the history, people and labour of the City of [...]


// OrientTik/Portrait Duration: 60 minutes OrienTik/Portrait features the intricate and mesmerizing choreography of Alvin Erasga Tolentino dance by himself and partnered by the exquisite Toronto dancer, Andrea Nann. The two dancers are joined by innovative Vancouver taiko drummer Eileen Kage and classical pianist Alison Nishihara. Together, the four artists create and combines distinctive, culturally diverse, [...]


// MINORI Length: 55 minutes The Western Front and Centre A have joined forces to present the collaboration of two of Vancouver's leading contemporary Asian Artists. An electric and enigmatic glass installation by Japanese glass artist Miyuki Shinkai serves as the setting for a stunning solo dance performance by acclaimed choreographer and dance Alvin Erasga [...]


// Field Length: 55 minutes Land is the belly of man. The field is the screen on which the history of man and civilization is projected; it is the tangible surface between past and future. It contains the heritage of the roots and supports the promises of the harvest. In a cross-cultural journey, Tolentino’s Field [...]


// BODYGlass 2007 70 minutes BODYGlass is a seduction into the fragility, translucence and solid state of glass in relation to the human body and sensation. Glass, scientifically classified as a slow moving form object, symbolizes, fascinates and offers an enigma. Glass as a three-dimensional entity symbolizes the state and mystery of the moving body. [...]


// BATO/stone 1995-2001 80 minutes with intermission A body of ten separate dance movements consisting of solos, duets, trios, and quartets. BATO/stone is a conversation with stones. In listening, then expressing what is heard through the vibrations of the body's spirit and emotions, Tolentino has shaped a body of work, which breaks through the silence [...]