Koreograpiya Award

An award recognizing emerging Filipino choreographer's artistic development as they research, create and produce contemporary dance in the Philippines.

// AET Koreograpiya Award

The aim of the Alvin Erasga Tolentino Choreographic Award is to support an emerging Filipino contemporary choreographer’s artistic development in pursuit of research, creation and production of contemporary dance in the Philippines. The merit based award will recognize a contemporary dance artist’s ability to demonstrate skill and talent in the art of choreography. The award is given Biennale chosen by an appointed jury- Filipino senior dance artist living in the Philippines.

This legacy award is initiated through the vision and financial gift of internationally renowned Filipino-Canadian dance artist Alvin Erasga Tolentino to encourage, support and cultivate contemporary choreography dance practices and creations by Filipino dance artists.

Eligibility and Guidelines:

Applicant must be of Filipino descent, a Philippine citizen, and currently live and artistically practice contemporary dance choreography in the Philippines.

Applicant must be between the ages of 23-35 years old.

The scope of contemporary choreography will encompass the innovative approaches in the realization and use of original, experimental or hybridize contemporary movement vocabulary and ideas towards a dance choreographic vision and creation. The practice encourages integration of new media, collaborative or other interdisciplinary approaches to support and build dance. Choreographic topics may capture relevant issues within or recognizes issues of cultural significance related to our current times such as those pertaining to social, political, race, or gender identity.

Application Deadline: April 29, 2020

Submission by: Online by email to
Incomplete and late applicants failing to meet deadline will not be adjudicated.

Application Requirements:

– 1 page letter of intent outlining the use Award; the importance of choreography and use of the award to the applicant addressed to Alvin Erasga Tolentino.

– Biography or CV, 2 pages maximum.

– Support material: Must be viewable by Youtube or Vimeo links, past or current contemporary choreographic work, 10-20 minutes maximum in length.

– Provide detailed information of the work to be viewed, ie. Date created and/or performed, name of performer if someone other than yourself, name of work, theme or short description.

– All submissions must be in English.

– No late submissions will be accepted.

Assessment criteria for adjudication:

All completed applications will be accepted and assessed on the basis of calibre of work and demonstrated ability.

A Filipino senior dance artist who have made a significant contribution in the field of contemporary dance in the Philippines will be appointed to select the final AET Choreographic Awardee.

Award Details:

The Award is a Php 50,000 cash award.

One successful applicant will be chosen. Official winner will be notified in person and accept the award in presentation at the end of the Wifi Body Philippines (Choreographers’ competition) or otherwise specified.

About Alvin Erasga Tolentino

Born in the Philippines, Alvin Erasga Tolentino contributes close to three decades in his dedication and empowerment in the field of contemporary dance globally while based in Canada’s West Coast in Vancouver. An international dance artist, he is the founder and artistic director of Co.ERASGA dance now in its 20th season. Tolentino’s body of works has been hailed and recognize at home and international for it’s visionary and unique contemporary dance originality. His hybrid choreographic approaches has been link to his Asian cultural heritages, the juxtapose of the East and West aesthetics and ideas. He has challenge and empowered politics of gender, identity and his multi- disciplinary collaborations in different media. Critically acclaimed works as SOLA, Field, Orientik/Portrait, PARADISE/Paradis, EXpose, Colonial, Shifting Geography among others has reached four continents in the span of his prolific artistic endavours.

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Support the AET Koreograpiya Award

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to support the development and growth of this award. Should you wish to make contribution, inquire and support the performing arts focus towards the development of contemporary choreographic dance and Filipino dance artists, please send your inquiry to

// Past Winners



 The 2020 AET koreograpiya award has been awarded and shared with 5 independent Filipino dance artists;

Sasa Cabalquinto, PJ Rebuilda, Jared Jonathan Luna, Rhosam Jr Prudenciado and Ava Maureen Vilanueva.

Responding to an extraordinary time in our midst during this COVID-19 pandemic, the award recognizes the hardship of artists during this very trying time and open up the award to assist and reach as many artists.

 Congratulations to Sasa, PJ, Jared, Rhosam and Ava as this year’s recipientS of the AET Koreograpiya award for their continued efforts staying strong and active to keep dance alive as part of their creative gestures and to help contribute their dance energy to the arts community.

 May we keep safe and strong during this pandemic crisis; may the human, systemic and cultural shifts for greater equality for all that we are shaking and facing now bring us a stronger voice to persist, be resilient, be compassionate, generous and kind and to reinvigorate our importance as artists for the world.

Alvin Erasga Tolentino


AET Koreograpiya Awardees 2020
SASA CABALQUINTO is an independent movement artist, freelance dancer, choreographer and actress from Manila whose interest is pursuing the possibilities of movement performance in the works of Butoh through Collaborative Arts. Born in October 1992, her performance career spanning 8 years has been a journey of learning and unlearning the phenomenon of dance where she reached the momentum in her art the free-spirited expression and the movement language of dance through Butoh. She took the Theater Arts course in Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta. Mesa with the recognition of Outstanding Student Achievement Awardee in the Arts on 2013 in the Field of Dance. She also received a Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Award of Achievement for Culture and Arts in 2009 on her high school graduation.

“AET Koreograpiya Award is really a huge help for independent dance artists like me who are still pursuing my career in dance even through this pandemic. The current global situation has affected us in so many ways especially in our field where social and human connections are essentially fundamental. I had residencies and collaborative performances that has been cancelled since the Lockdown, and shifting to the virtual system is still challenging for me. Meanwhile, I am currently working on some movement research with some artists and brewing my own program for movement in Butoh marrying Filipino traditional values, and continue to attend and support online workshops here in the Philippines and in other countries as well.”

 PJ Rebullida has seventeen years experience as a Professional Artist, Choreographer, and Teacher for Theater and Dance in Manila and Germany. He was part of Ballet Philippines and Ballet Lüneburg among other groups. He received back-to-back awards from PhilStage Gawad Buhay and Broadway World for his choreography of ‘American Idiot’ and ‘Newsies,’ among other nominations. He founded Galaw.Co Dance Theater in 2019 and is charting new paths in his art. He is also creative manager of LikhaPH with Rhosam Prudenciado Jr. at the helm who is another AET Koereograpiya co-awardee.

“I will continue to forge Galaw.Co forward and continue my work with LikhaPH and the Artists Welfare Project. I really try my best to share the work/possibilities I get to all my dancers in the company and the community. This is so that we all have income. And it is proving profitable. So we may expand our initiatives soon. We will create work for all of us  — that is the goal. I am not a fan of just waiting for donations. I believe in working hard and this will reap it’s own fruits. Just like now. Thank you for believing in me and the people who are with me in this journey.”

Jared Jonathan Luna is a dance scholar and artist based in Quezon City, Philippines. They are an alumnus of the UP Streetdance Club and Daloy Dance Company. As an independent artist, they are interested in vernacular movement vocabularies in urban spaces. Their curiosity stems from an understanding of culture as a web of meanings and a political process of meaning making, that underpins and at the same time is shaped by the dancing body. Since going independent they have presented solo and collaborative works in Manila, Hungary, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. They were a finalist in the 2018 WifibodyPH choreographers’ competition and a resident artist in Art Omi in 2019. Their most recent solo ‘They [a singularity] •’ received Jury Prize in Hong Kong International Choreography Festival 2019.

“A friend and teacher once told me that for some, art is their only means of survival. Despite unfortunate circumstances and lack of resources, people continue to create and perform. 

During this pandemic, dance has become my refuge. I find power in being present in my body as I get lost in the moment of dancing. Dancing has become a process of letting go, discovery, and collecting myself amidst uncertainty. 

 I am grateful and humbled to receive the AET Koreograpiya Award as it will help me sustain myself during this time of crisis. More importantly, this is also an opportunity to pay forward blessings and favours that have come my way.”

Rhosam “sickledsam” Prudenciado Jr., Founder of LikhaPh Program, Linear Fluidity Movement Style for Contemporary Dance and Former Artistic Director of Airdance Philippines.

He is a recipient of “Ani ng Dangal 2010” given by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts for winning the Grand Prize in global stage contemporary dance competition “ Yokohama Dance Collection 2009” held in Japan. As part of the prize, Sam went to Paris, France to study Contemporary Dance under Micadances,Menagerie de Verre and National De la Dance.

He is also awarded dance residencies by both the local and international dance communities. From 2009-2015, his works were featured in dance festivals around Southeast Asia. He joined Dance Dance Asia under the Japan Foundation, and has toured with them from 2016-2018. His latest projects are a residency program under Youkobo Arts Space and the Tokas Research Residency which will take place in Tokyo, Japan from 2019-2020.

“Since the Pandemic happened and we can’t go back to the studio I was one of the few Teachers who started teaching online to continue our passion and also to help our students to continue their training. It has been a struggle going virtual but we cope up, we do what we can and we adjust to the situation. 

To continue the effort and help to the Community,  I started a Fund Raiser Event with few friends under my Outreach Program for Dance – “LikhaPH” from there we are now running a Sustainability Program and We are trying to help the best way we can to our fellow Dance Artists.”

Ava Maureen Vilanueva

Performing artist, teacher and choreographer, Ava graduated from the Philippine High School for the Arts major in Ballet and earned her degrees from the University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Music: Diploma in Creative Performing Musical Arts (DCPMA) and Bachelor of Music Major in Dance. Ava was the former Artistic Director of Airdance, a contemporary dance company based in Quezon City and former Dance lecturer at the U.P. College of Music in Diliman. She is a certified Progressing Ballet Technique Teacher. At present, she is a mother of two healthy boys, a full-time teacher at Ava’s School of Dance and an Instructor at UPLB. Ava is now in her first year at U.P. Los Baños studying Masters in Public Affairs majoring in Education Management.

“I chose to use this grant to support my co-teachers in my ballet school. It has been a hard few months and it is our first time to miss a summer recital after 18 years. The remaining funds after distributing to my teachers will be used to buy supplies that can help guard my students and their families from this pandemic specifically masks and sprayers with alcohol.

This pandemic has challenged me to be more creative in a virtual way. Through Facebook, Instagram, and especially Zoom where I conduct all of my dance classes for now. This has also given me a chance to create video snippets of how I feel in some days thru contemporary dance improvisations. It is just fulfilling to hear after posting in social media that when they see or watch my videos, they feel happy and feel relaxed. “



JM Cabling is a Filipino choreographer, teacher, and dancer. His award winning
choreographies include: “Queuing Class”, which won 3rd Place in the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Sayaw Pinoy 2018, “Flight,” 1st Place in the NCCA Sayaw Pinoy 2013; “Tagu-taguan”, 2nd Place in the Dancelebration Avenue 2014; “Bent”, 1st Place in the Wifi Body New Choreographer’s Competition; and “Layag”, 1st Place in the NCCA Sayaw Pinoy 2014. He majored in Philippine Folk
Dance at the Philippine High School for the Arts, and earned his Bachelor of Music (Dance) degree with an honor of cum laude from the University of the Philippines (UP). As a former associate artistic director, senior company member and resident choreographer of the UP Dance Company (UPDC), JM participated in different dance productions, workshops, master classes, and lectures locally and
internationally in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and France. A versatile choreographer, he has choreographed for theater groups including Dulaang UP, BBX Productions, Art Theater Manila, 9Works Theatrical and The Sandbox Collective. Also a featured artist of the CCP Choreographers Series’ first KoryoLab in 2017, he was awarded the 2018 Alvin Erasga Tolentino Koryograpiya Award. He recently received the Trudl Dubsky Zipper award for best choreography at the CCP Ballet Competition 2018 and a finalist at the 2019 Yokohama Dance Collection Competition I.



Ea Torrado is a Filipina dance artist, and artistic director of Daloy Dance Company, a dance theatre group that advances, produces and tours her creations and workshops. Presenters include WIFI Body Dance Festival, Ballet Philippines’ Neo-Filipino, Contemporary Dance Map, The Lopez Musem, KARNABAL Festival, Imaginarium Multi Arts Festival of the Absurd, Erehwon Arts Center, FRINGE Manila Arts Festival, Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival, Pasinaya Arts Festival, Aliw Theatre- International Dance Day Festival at Aliw Theatre, UP Center for Women and Gender Studies and Paghilom Festival. Internationally she has performed at Ho Chi Minh International Dance Festival, Low Fat Art Fest Thailand, Goyang International Dance Festival, Lively Arts Performing Arts College in Pennsylvania & Cape Fear Community College for the Performing Arts in North Carolina, USA, SensUnique Gallery in Ghent, Belgium for Sorry Not Sorry Festival and participated in Radical Contact, Tanzplatform,Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting, Asia Pacific Improv Festival and Southeast Asia Choreolab.

Her work has been supported by The National Commission for Culture and the Arts,
Japan Foundation and Music Artes. Choreographic and Research Residencies include Pineapple Lab and The Asian Cultural Council Grant.

As a dancer she has performed for Ballet Manila, Ballet Philippines and Dance Theatre of Tennesse, Dance Forum, Airdance, Steps Dance Project and Contemporary Dance Network Manila. In 2014, Ea received the Alvin Erasga Tolentino Koryograpiya Award and Remedios De Oteyza Choreography Award in 2016.

Ea is Filipina dance artist whose creations manifest in choreographies, film, installation, site-specific work, and improvisational performance. Her pieces reflect on Filipino societal culture, women’s issues and body politics.



RUSS LIGTAS is a multi-disciplinary visual and performing artist living in manila. His creative process inhabits several art disciplines, most often than not combining these into hybrid intermedia works that incorporate site-specific performance, body drama and improvisation, environments, sculpture and image, video, text, and sound within a visual art context.

His work has been presented and supported by various institutions and platforms across different fields from the visual arts, theatre, dance, literature, and cinema. Among these are the Visayas Biennale, Fringe MNL Festival, Cinema Rehiyon Film Festival, Karnabal Festival, Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival, Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival, Manila Transitio, Pasinaya Festival, Wifi Body Dance Festival, CCP Choreographers Series, P-Noise Festival in Copenhagen, Bangkok Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Rhymes Festival in Stockholm, BITE Magazine, Pineapple Lab, the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, the Metropolitan Museum, the Cultural Center of the Philippines. He has performed in Dance Forum, Tanzhaus NRW in Dusseldorf, Mousonturm Kunstlerhaus in Frankfurt, Beursschouwburg, Spielart Festival in Munich, Tanz in Bern in Swirtzerland, Dancehallerne in Copenhagen, the Cove in Tiaji, and MS Fuji Maru, among others.

Russ is a member of XO? Performance Art Group, the Bathalad Writers Organization, the Hobo-hobo Group, and the Pusod Organization of Visual Artists. He is a fellow of the Iligan National Writers Workshop, the Cornelio Faigao Memorial Writing Workshop, and the Mugna Creative Writing Workshop. He is a mentor for the ARTery Artist Mentorship Program. In 2015, he received the Alvin Erasga Tolentino Koreograpiya Award. He is also a fellow of the Asian Cultural Council Grant.

Russ has also created and performed advocacy work for Earth Island institute, Save Japan Dolphins, and the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program.


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